Quality & sustainability



The quality of our products is one of our distinctive elements. The attention we give to quality is given by listening to the customer's needs, using a certified raw material, from the work we dedicate to the product design phase, to skilled hands in production, to the use of efficient and compatible technologies with safety and the environment. This allows us to achieve maximum customer satisfaction.


Our philosophy
Our philosophy, our goal, our way of working is to produce without consuming future resources. How do we do it?

  • We design upstream the functions of reuse of the product;
  • We produce using recycled materials;
  • We take care to check how much water we consume and recycle it as much as possible;
  • We try to make the use of paper and plastic in our packaging ever more efficient;
  • We work reducing to zero the rubbish that ends up in landfill;
  • We are committed to protecting sustainable forests and ensuring that the trees we plant are more than we use.

Only raw material from certified forests

Forests supply the wood raw material in order to produce our products and at the same time help us to keep the air clean, to reduce pollution and to host the fauna. This is the reason why we want to preserve sustainability and use certified raw material, coming exclusively from forests managed in a correct and responsible manner according to rigorous environmental, social and economic standards.

A packaging designed to have more features, which lasts longer is more environmentally friendly.

Increasing the average life of a product means consuming less resources to build others. It is for this reason that for years we have been supporting projects and creating products such as boxes, furnishing elements that have more functions, for example a box which transform in a sound box from a bottle holder.

In our packaging there is more paper from sustainable sources. We have reduced plastic consumption

We are developing new technologies in order to optimize paper consumption. When possible, we give priority to the recycled one: in the fiscal year 2017, over 60% of the paper used for our packaging was produced with recycled wood fibers. We design packaging to contain less plastic.